Have Your Trail and Eat It Too

Edwin Morris

Over a year ago, we launched Trails to help answer the question “How do I learn x.” Since then, we’ve worked on refining what we think goes into learning Rails, Ruby, design, typography, and 16 other skills (it’s open source, so please contribute.)

Half a year ago, we launched Trails for iOS to help people keep track of what they’ve accomplished. Users have completed almost 10,000 items.

Now, we’re launching Trails for the web. You can now complete Trails from anywhere, and completions are associated with your free Upcase account. We’ve provided the ability to see your progress on 20 Trails at a glance, to complete beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections for each topic, and to view related products and posts which help you grow.

We’re really excited about this feature and hope you get as much out of it as we’ve put into it.