Introducing Design and Front-End Development Trails for Upcase

Rachel Cope

We have been working on a new series of design and front-end development trails for Upcase. Today, I’m happy to announce the first two trails.

The CSS Transforms & Transitions trail will teach you the basics of 2D transforms - how to make elements change from one style to another, scale, rotate, move, and tilt. Additionally, you’ll learn how to make these elements smoothly and gradually change styles, as well as control the delay and speed of the changes.

The CSS Animation trail will introduce you to the building blocks of CSS animation: keyframes and animation properties and teach you the basics of creating complex animations.

Adding CSS transforms, transitions, and animations to your repertoire of front-end development skills will give you a powerful tool to enhance the interaction of your website or app, draw attention to important areas of your product, and bring personality to your interface.

Pinwheel example

What is Upcase

Upcase is thoughtbot’s online learning community for intermediate and advanced designers and developers. Each Upcase trail provides a series of instructions and Git-based exercises that help you learn a topic. As you submit your solutions, other Upcase members review and provide feedback. You can review other submissions, discover other ways to solve the problem, and cement your knowledge by providing feedback to others.

Get Started Learning Front-End Development

If you’re new to front-end development or want to hone your design and front-end skills, we hope you’ll get started with our new design and front-end development trails. Stay tuned for the release of more in the series. Coming soon: CSS3 Fundamentals and Sass Fundamentals.