Giving Thanks

Gabe Berke-Williams

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re breaking out the Thanksgiving pants and remembering what we’re thankful for this year.

Our clients and customers

Thank you to our clients Abundant Capital LLC, Advanced Energy Economy, AllTrails, Arcadia Solutions, Arthritis Foundation, BabelBase, Blue Sky Broadcast, BodyMap+, Brewster, Business Intelligence Associates, CareZone, Charity, Chilling Effects, CoachUp, Constant Contact, CountIt, Darby Smart, DealRoom, Elkins Kalt, Funding Gates, Gift of Knowledge, Great Engagements, Groupize, Hampstead Capital, Highland Capital, InTheKnow, Induro Capital, Klarna, LevelUp, Locus Control, Mag+, ManhattanPrep,, Moser Silver and Hoak, Neon, Omakase, Omni, Overture Media, Pixbi, Propel Marketing, Redis to Go, Resonance Labs, RosterWrangler, Schoolkeep, Sermo, Skillable, SnapEngage, Spogo, T1D Exchange, TDDium, TeamWork Online, Threadflip, Thrively, Valence, WoodSnap, Wootric, and Yammer, for trusting us to work on your products.

Thank you to all of our workshop alumni, those of you who have bought one of our ebooks or screencasts, and everyone else who is a Learn customer.

Software as a service providers

Thank you to Heroku for your awesome support and services hosting our applications.

Thank you to GitHub for hosting all of our open source and private code.

Thank you to Fog Creek Software for Trello.

Thank you to Dribbble for inspiring us.

Thank you to CodeClimate for providing insight about the quality of our code.

Thank you to TDDium for making our tests run faster.

Thank you to for hosting software which makes our lives easier.

Thank you to 37signals for Campfire and Basecamp.

Thank you to New Relic for making performance monitoring pleasant.

Thank you to Amazon for S3.

Thank you to Fastly for speeding up the delivery of our images, stylesheets, JavaScripts, HTML, and JSON.

Thank you to Dropbox for hosting large design assets and important files.

Thank you to Hoefler & Frere-Jones for their typography, which we’re using on this very blog.

Thank you to Typekit for serving up fonts for us and our clients.

Thank you to Google for GMail, Analytics, Adwords, Hangouts, and search.

Business partners

Thank you to Gesmer Updegrove for handling our legal needs.

Thank you to for handling our accounting and bookkeeping.

Thank you to WeWork for our previous home in San Francisco.

Thank you to Galvanize in Denver and Fuse in Boulder for coworking and meetup space.

Thank you to WebAssign in Raleigh for hosting Ruby meetups.

Thank you to Justin Dziama, CBRE, and Richards Barry Joyce and Partners for helping us find our current home in San Francisco.

Thank you to TMF Group and Newcomers for helping us expand into Stockholm.

Open source contributors

Thank you to every person who submits a pull request to our open source projects, even the ones we don’t merge.

Thank you to Linus Torvalds for Git.

Thank you to Matz for Ruby.

Thank you to DHH, the Rails core team, and the Rails community for Rails.

Thank you to Yehuda Katz and Carl Lerche for Bundler.

Thank you to John Resig for jQuery.

Thank you to Jonas Nicklas for Capybara, an intuitive browser simulation framework.

Thank you to Travis CI for letting us know when our code is working (or broken) on various versions of Ruby.

Thank you to KDE, Apple, Google, Trolltech, and Nokia for Webkit and QtWebKit, which enabled our capybara-webkit.

Thank you to Google and Paul Irish for Chrome Developer Tools.

Thank you to Bill Joy, Bram Moolenaar, and Tim Pope for making and improving Vim, our preferred text editor since forever.

Thank you to the many Postgres committers for a rock-solid and always-improving database.

Thank you to Mattt Thompson for AFNetworking and NSHipster.

Thank you to Allen Ding, Marin Usalj, Peter Kim, and all the contributors to Kiwi and Specta/Expecta for making TDD in Objective-C a viable option.

Thank you to Elloy Durán, Fabio Pelosin, and Orta Therox for CocoaPods, which brings dependency management in Objective-C into the modern age.

Thank you to Hampton Catlin, Nathan Weizenbaum, and Chris Eppstein for Haml and Sass.

Thank you to David Chelimsky and Myron Marston for RSpec, which we use on all our apps.

Thank you to Max Howell for making it simple to install dependencies like C compilers, Postgres, Ack, Exuberant Ctags, tmux, ImageMagick, Redis, and more with Homebrew.

Thank you to Wayne E. Seguin, Michal Papis, and 37signals for making it easy to manage Ruby versions with RVM and rbenv.

Thank you Nicholas Marriott for making it easier to manage various terminals with tmux.


Thank you to Alan Kay for object-oriented programming.

Thank you to Martin Fowler for refactoring.

Thank you to the Gang of Four for design patterns.

Thank you to Uncle Bob Martin for clean code.

Thank you to Steve Jobs and Jony Ive for setting the bar high.

Thank you to Gerard Meszaros for xUnit testing patterns.

Thank you to Sandi Metz for Principles of Object-Oriented Design in Ruby.

Event organizers and hosts

Thank you to Brian Cardarella, Patrick Robertson, and all of the Boston Ruby Group for a fantastic local Ruby community with great talks and a calendar full of hackfests.

Thank you to Brightcove, ZenDesk, and ApartmentList for hosting fun Ruby and vim meetups in Boston and San Francisco.

Thank you Wrapp, The Park, SUP46, and Spotify for hosting meetups in Stockholm.

Thank you to Microsoft NERD for being a classy, dependable event host.

Thank you to Chrome Dev Summit, DotRB, Eurucamp, Future of Web Apps London, GoGaRuCo, Growth Hacker’s Conference, Lean Startup Conference, Nickel City Ruby, Nordic Ruby, RailsConf, RealtimeConf, Rocky Mountain Ruby, RubyConf, SSWC, STHLM Tech, Seedcamp, Smashing Conference, Steel City Ruby, Stockholm Ruby, Tel-Aviv Ruby, Ultimate Developer Event Boston, Warm Gun, Waza, and Wicked Good Ruby, for bringing together those passionate about design, Ruby, iOS, open source, vim, Unix, and more.

And thank you, too, for reading, commenting, and making us think.