The Bourbon Tee

Mike Borsare

Pitch man

You love Bourbon; we love Bourbon. As a matter of fact, we love Bourbon so much that we’ve designed an official tee shirt for you to sport. We’re selling it for a limited time (until March 24th) and it’s only $20, so grab one and represent Bourbon today!

The specs

  • Comes in “Orange Crush” for maximum impact
  • Printed on a super soft American Apparel poly-cotton blend
  • May or may not improve your athleticism
  • Appropriate for all seasons
  • Ships about two weeks after the Teespring campaign ends

More to come?

Based on the response to this offering we might roll out the entire Bourbon family of tee shirts to collect. We’re talking: Neat, Refills, and even Bitters! If you want to see that happen make sure you cop one of these so we know there’s interest.

Remember: $20, March 24th, act now!