Customize Your FormKeep Email Notifications

Josh Steiner

We run FormKeep, a hosted service that provides a form backend for your static sites.

FormKeep just got a lot better for teams and freelancers. In November, we added the ability to be notified of new submissions by email. Originally, notifications would go to the email of the account used to log in. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for freelancers to manage forms for their clients and for teams to be on the same page when notifications come in.

Improving this has been a common request, and we just released a feature to do just so. It looks like this:

Email Notification Recipients

That’s right! Now you can change the email address that notifications are sent to and add multiple emails if you are working on a team.

We CC each email address on the notification email so you can start conversations about new submissions from the notification itself.

If your form has an email field, we set the reply-to to the submitter of the form for an easy way to reach out.

As always, feel free to reach out with feedback or questions to