Calling All Health Tech Founders - We Are Here To Help!

Kelly Gebo

2020 has been a rollercoaster of challenges but also some successful pivots across industries. We are seeing huge advances in technology and products that have evolved very quickly to better serve users. health tech is one of the leading areas of change, and now more than ever it’s important that organizations have the ability to adapt to a changing environment.

thoughtbot is passionate about supporting clients in health tech, especially those from under-represented groups in tech. We are very proud of the success we are able to achieve and the relationships we have been able to build to date. Our purpose at thoughtbot is that we believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to find it and share it with as many people as possible.

To best share what we know, and support a deserving health tech founder, we are seeking applicants for a pro-bono Product Design Sprint. Our selected partner will be assigned a dedicated team of Product Consultants to work with them for a week, a value of $20,000, to quickly design, prototype, and test a product, feature, or business strategy. It is our preference to partner with founders from underrepresented groups in tech. DoL and Census data that shows that Indigenous, Black, and Latinx founders are the least represented in the tech industry.


  • In the health tech space
  • In need of design and digital acceleration help
  • Comfortable having our partnership featured on our website
  • Committed to sharing the partnership on their social media and throughout their network
  • Available to work with us for the entirety of one of these weeks: 11/16, 11/30 or 12/7. (Mon - Fri 9AM - 4PM CST) and have reliable internet for video and screen sharing

What To Expect:

If selected you will get a dedicated team to collaborate with your team for a full week. To set up the Product Design Sprint for success, we will have a prep call with you before to answer any questions and prepare you for the sprint. We will facilitate design thinking exercises remotely to make progress on the selected challenge and/or goal, create a prototype that solves for that challenge, and test our assumptions. You and your team will walk away with the prototype to continue to show prospective customers or investors, recorded user interviews that demonstrate initial validation, and an understanding on how to continue to move your business forward successfully. You can learn more about a Product Design Sprint by reviewing our guide.

We’re excited to learn more about you and think through how to make your product great.

Please apply here.