Buy Your Customers a Coffee

Bernerd Schaefer

We run a few products and like to periodically reach out to users in cities where we have offices.

We typically use Intercom for customer support of our products and our clients’ products. We use it to segment users and send automated messages to keep our users engaged.

But those same tools can be used for other purposes, like sending the following email to FormKeep users in Portland:

Subject: Meet in Portland?

Hey there!

It looks like you’re a FormKeep user, and you might be based in Portland?

I’d love to meet you for coffee or lunch. My treat!

My name is Bernerd, and I’m a developer at thoughtbot. We make FormKeep, and we’re always excited to talk to people about how to make our work and their work more fulfilling.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form here to help us manage our schedule:


It’s a nice complement to our overall strategy of lifecycle emails, and gives us the chance to learn about our customers in a direct way, like over a coffee. It also lets us meet with other designers, developers, and product owners to learn about their products and share with them a bit about thoughtbot.

We typically use audience segments in Intercom to select for:

  • Users who signed up at least a month ago.

    We want to engage with users who have had some time to use the product, and a month is a nice number.

  • Users in the city and state of an office.

    There are some false positives in the location data collected, but we’ve otherwise had good success in reaching users in a particular location.

We’ve loved the chances these emails provide to meet with our customers face-to-face, and think you will too.

Oh, and if you find yourself in Portland or anywhere else we have an office we’d love to meet for coffee or lunch. Our treat!