Portland: The First Six Months

Bernerd Schaefer

It’s been a little over six months since we announced our Portland office and I wanted to celebrate and share some things.

We’ve had time to find our favorite coffee shops, food trucks, neighborhood haunts, places to grab a drink, hiking trails, streetcar lines; and we still have so many more places to explore!

We’ve seen with our own eyes a man wearing a kilt and Darth Vader mask riding a unicycle playing the Imperial March on flaming bagpipes.

We’ve moved into a private room in our coworking space which has let us host visiting coworkers and friends. It features the world’s largest known Sticky Note Ralph, a friendly gopher, and a tribute to all of our offices (with room for at least a few more before we need to rethink our design).

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting almost 50 amazing local developers and designers for coffee, lunch, or drinks. We love how welcoming everyone has been, and we’re looking forward to connecting with even more people, so please drop us a line.

In short, we’ve loved our first six months in Portland, and we’re looking forward to the next six!