is now available to all employers

Chad Pytel

Over 150 developers and designers have applied to and 17 have been accepted. The majority left their previous jobs to apprentice with us and we’re currently booked through September, with some apprentices scheduled for 2013.

A pricing change for employers

Based on feedback from employers, we’re changing the way the program works.

Starting immediately, there will not be a monthly fee for employers to participate in the program. Instead, there will be a more traditional placement fee of 20% of the first-year’s salary when you hire a graduating apprentice.

It is now free for employers to sign up and view all apprentices.

We hope removing barriers to entry and using a traditional payment model will resolve concerns employers have expressed about the program, ensuring that we can continue to train new developers and designers well into the future.

A note about recruiters

The cost of hiring from is comparable to using a traditional recruiter. We’re certain that like us, you’ve interacted with recruiters before…

They do very little to justify the expense. They spam networks to find people, have a poor understanding of current technology and designer/developer motivation, and send you individuals of a quality you could have found with a Craiglist post.

In contrast, starts with a selective application and interview process. We pay the apprentice a salary for 3 months to pair program with our experienced team and take days’ worth of our workshops.

The designers and developers of are more qualified and better trained than what we’ve had sent by recruiters.

Share and share alike

We would make more money by hiring all apprentices and billing them out as consultants but that doesn’t help solve the shortage of talent that our friends at other companies (including our clients) are feeling.

It’s also more attractive for apprentices to have more options after they graduate from the program. Not every person wants to be a consultant. Every apprentice in our program, however, is interested in making great products, interfaces, and software.

If you want to hire world-class designers and developers, please join