Another opportunity to learn how to supercharge your Rails app with a Code Audit

In late March, we announced launching an online workshop, “How to Supercharge Your Rails App with a Code Audit”. It was attended globally, fun was had by all, and we shared some of the areas of focus, enjoyment, and pitfalls we run into when conducting code audits for clients.

I’m excited to announce that if you missed it the first time, you’ll have another chance to attend! We’re hosting a second round of this workshop on Thursday, May 28th at 12pm ET.

Joël and Alejandro pair-programming and smiling while looking at the same

Just like last time, I’ll be hosting the workshop and joined by two additional thoughtbot developers, Joël Quenneville and Annie Lydens.

We’ll cover some key areas of the audit, including:

  • how to prepare for a code audit, including instrumentation and SaaS solutions to begin capturing insights
  • key areas of focus when auditing Rails applications, like test suite time, code churn, and SQL performance
  • audit tooling, like reek and churn
  • prioritizing audit findings

One of the highlights for everyone involved (both us and the audience) was being able to answer questions from the crowd; we were able to spend about fifteen minutes talking with folks about approach, tooling, and things we’ve run into. When you sign up, be sure to include any questions you might have!

We hope to see you there on May 28th at 12pm ET!