Announcing Domain Name Sanity

Edward Loveall

As a web-adjacent developer, you deal with domain names all day long. Sometimes they’re humming along in the background and you can ignore them. Other times, adding a domain record doesn’t propagate and you don’t know why or how to fix it.

To complicate matters, a secure domain is not only important to your customers’ safety, but it’s often a cost of doing business. TLS certificates are a great thing for the internet at large, but understanding how they work is daunting. Not to mention having to buy and set up a TLS certificate for your own website.

You’re in luck! I am excited to announce that my new book: Domain Name Sanity is available for purchase today!

Domain Name Sanity clarifies domains and makes their behavior predictable and debuggable. This book includes the tools and information you need to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot any domain. It even describes how to set up a TLS certificate from scratch.

Domain Name Sanity is written in an informal, conversational style, as if we’re talking while sitting in comfortable chairs. This is not another boring technical manual or RFC, promise.

When you purchase the book, you’ll get access to the GitHub repository and all future updates I might write. Head on over to see the table of contents and a sample chapter, or to buy the full book!

P.S. For a bunch of cool domain facts that didn’t make it into the book, check out this supplementary blog post I wrote.