Announcing Developer Day, Boston

We’ve been working with the great folks at Viget Labs and Relevance to bring Developer Day to Boston, and we’re happy to announce that the event will be held at Microsoft NERD on August 15th, 2009 and registration is now open.


For the uninitiated, Developer Day is:

  • one day only
  • very cheap
  • incredibly useful
  • platform agnostic
  • technology-centric

Developer Day was born out of the realization that there’s a huge amount of development talent and experience spread across the country, and there’s absolutely no need to spend a lot of money to get together and learn from each other. Furthermore, so many of the venues for assembling geeks are focused on a single technology. We need less specialization right now, and more places to talk to people for whom tools are tools, but tech is king.

Staying current with the ever-evolving technological possibilities can be challenging, but you love trying. Why? Because you’re a fantastic web developer who loves building things (and, frankly, that’s just how you roll).

Which is why this conference is perfect for you.

We’ve lined up eight great talks on topics from JavaScript to git, and from document databases to general development practices. No matter what your standard tools, language, and framework, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. So, come meet cool people, eat some lunch, and give yourself the day to learn and participate in great discussions — all for the low, low price of $50. Register today!