Introducing: Design With Boston

Design With Boston

Design With Boston is a new meetup for web designers in and around the Boston area. It will be held at 7PM on the first Thursday of every month at the thoughtbot offices. We are located at 41 Winter Street, 3rd Floor, 02108. Everyone with an interest in web design is welcome, from beginners to experts.

The Format

Doors open at 7. Around 7:30 we’ll have a short 30 minute presentation from a scheduled speaker. The inaugural meetup will be featuring Jay Contonio speaking about the importance of content in a talk titled “Content isn’t lorem ipsum.” If you’re interested in speaking you can message me on twitter, drop me a line, or just catch me in person. Following the talk we’ll have some food delivered and hang out till you feel like leaving. Bring your laptop if you’d like to share any work or even help others work on their projects. If you’re familiar with the boston.rb hackfests our design meetups will be structured the same way, but for us designers.


This meetup was born in order to solve a few different problems I have. First and foremost, I know there are many talented and interesting web designers around Boston but I don’t know enough of them personally. This is something that I’ve always wanted and instead of waiting to run into designers one at a time here and there, I’m organizing this event to facilitate new connections.

Another problem I’ve had as a local, successful, and fully employed web designer is having many companies or individuals seeking my help in finding good web designers to employ. Most of these jobs would appeal to me if I were looking for work so I’m always eager to help other designers in need. Sadly, I often don’t know of any designers looking for work but surely there are plenty of web designers looking for new opportunities. Hopefully some great work can be found through our meetups.

My final reason for putting this event together is to grow and become a better designer by surrounding myself with other good designers. I work with 4 great designers and talk to numerous others online daily. However, I feel that being able to mingle with a multitude of web designers face to face will prove to be invaluable.

Want to Come

If you want to come just checkout the site and click “I’m Coming!” or “RSVP”. It will authenticate with your twitter account and add your twitter handle to a list of people that have also RSVP’d.

Stay up to date

Be sure to follow our twitter account for any changes in the schedule, location, or important news about the monthly meetup. Thanks for your interest!