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iOS Development

All the expertise you need to write clean, well-tested iOS applications.

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We Swift

We have been on the Swift bandwagon since the day Apple announced it. We use Swift for all our new projects, have used Swift to add functionality to existing apps, and have rewritten Objective-C code in Swift when necessary.

func apply<U>(f: Decoded<T -> U>)
  -> Decoded<U> {
  switch f {
  case let .Success(function):
  case let .Failure(error):
    return .Failure(error)

Test-Driven Development

We care about software quality. TDD allows us to double-check the code we write, ensuring that any enhancements we make in the future don't stop existing functionality from working.

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Testing Frameworks

We use XCTest, Nimble, and Quick. These tools give us more expressive ways of writing our tests and let us find potential bugs before they go into production.

Open Source

We at thoughtbot are widely known for our our open-source work in the Ruby on Rails community, and this tradition is proudly carried forward by our iOS developers, too. Here are some of our most active open source projects for iOS.

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