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iOS Development

All the expertise you need to write clean, well-tested iOS applications.

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We Swift

We have been on the Swift bandwagon since the day Apple announced it. We use Swift for all our new projects, have used Swift to add functionality to existing apps, and have rewritten Objective-C code in Swift when necessary.

func apply<U>(f: Decoded<T -> U>)
  -> Decoded<U> {
  switch f {
  case let .Success(function):
  case let .Failure(error):
    return .Failure(error)

Test-Driven Development

We care about software quality. TDD allows us to double-check the code we write, ensuring that any enhancements we make in the future don't stop existing functionality from working.

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Testing Frameworks

We use XCTest, Nimble, and Quick. These tools give us more expressive ways of writing our tests and let us find potential bugs before they go into production.

Gordon Fontenot

A native Texan, Gordon leads our mobile development team. He enjoys functional programming, test driven design, watching crappy TV, and lifting heavy weights.

Giles Van Gruisen

Giles is an iOS developer with a passion for art, travel, good design, cold brew coffee, and quality software. Originally from The Ocean State, he has a penchant for sailing and frozen lemonade. When he's not writing code or pushing pixels, you can find him making bad puns, reading dystopian novels, exploring someplace new, or trying to understand how anyone has the coordination to shoot a basketball into a hoop from 20 feet away.

Tony DiPasquale

A roll dog at heart, Tony graduated from Northeastern University with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. He's been programming since his childhood and has done a bit of everything from full stack web development to native mobile apps. He still retains his love of hardware and is always looking for ways to combine that knowledge with software wizardry. When he's not working or hacking on fun side projects, you will find him working out with the November Project community early in the mornings.

Jake Craige

Jake is a developer with an insatiable thirst for learning. He first dipped his toe into programming with a homegrown PHP app and had so much fun he decided to pursue a career in it. Years later, he's now knowledgeable in a variety of programming languages and frameworks and is having as much fun as he did when he started.

Nick Charlton

After starting out as a freelancer working mostly with iOS and some Ruby, Nick founded a startup where he worked on an iOS app & API for fitness classes and then moved deeper into the world of Ruby. Now, he's taken to Swift and doing lots more with iOS.

Adam Sharp

Adam is an Aussie who moved from a small town to the big city so that he could slow down in life. He spends his days writing Swift, and his evenings exploring New York City. He loves discovering new ways to think about code and abusing programming metaphors to gain insight into life.

Josh Steiner

Josh is focused on crafting smart and easy to use applications. Before joining thoughtbot, he worked on Rails applications for Major League Gaming. In his spare time he enjoys playing volleyball, cooking, and good IPAs. Josh graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Damian Galarza

Damian has been passionate about programming since he was in high school. He started off his professional career as a front-end developer and quickly shifted to full-stack development. He is passionate about all things Ruby / Rails, clean object oriented design and test driven development. He loves working with startups to help bring products to life from the ground up.

Open Source

We at thoughtbot are widely known for our our open-source work in the Ruby on Rails community, and this tradition is proudly carried forward by our iOS developers, too. Here are some of our most active open source projects for iOS.

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