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To optimize for the best possible user engagement and experience on iPhone and iPad, we start by thoughtfully researching and designing for the problem you’re solving, then build a native app with Swift. thoughtbot’s designers and dedicated iOS developers are passionate about leveraging best practices and the latest Apple technology to build your native iOS app for responsiveness and user experience.

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The iOS userbase represents a large, active audience with buying power. Taking advantage of this marketplace not only requires technical expertise in Swift, but a deep understanding of the Apple store and experience working with complementary frameworks, simulators, APIs and more. thoughtbot iOS designers and developers are up to date on the latest best practices in designing, building, and maintaining iOS apps. They understand the unique quirks of building for Apple and navigating the app store process because they do it every day and are active members in the community.

Collage of two photos: the first is of four thoughtbot teammates working on computers at their desks; the other shows a thoughtbot designer and a developer critiquing something

Quote about partnering with thoughtbot

We learned about this marketplace that we were trying to disrupt together with thoughtbot. It was more than just building an app, it was about the change we’re trying to drive and the user experience. It really was partnership at its best.

A headshot of Brian Gardiner

Brian Gardiner
COO, Splitfit

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Design and Development integration

User-centered design and agile development for your iOS strategy

Partnering with thoughtbot means you get much more than an app. We’ll work closely with you to connect the dots between the user problems you’re solving, scoping the features to be built, and designing a user interface to ensure the best user experience. 

We also care about building for developer experience and the future of your app. Our team will recommend technologies such as introducing a query language like GraphQL for reuse of API data between views to reduce complexity and duplication of work. 

thoughtbot designers and iOS developers are consultants who will identify areas of your existing processes and codebase to improve. We keep your users’ needs and future app updates top of mind to ensure you will be successful long after our engagement has ended.

Collage of three photos: the first is taken from over the shoulder of a developer working on test-driven code while posters line the wall behind their monitor; the second is a developer working diligently at their desk; the third is three people in a conference room talking while gesturing towards a white-board covered in post-its and writing.

Quote about thoughtbot developers

thoughtbot has a team of senior developers who can come in and get running on any project you need with great perspective and process, without being dogmatic. They start making an impact immediately.

A headshot of Becky Segal

Becky Segal
VP Engineering, Bark

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