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thoughtbot has operated in the UK since 2006, helping public and private sector clients with software design, development, maintenance, and DevOps. Our work encompasses multiple technologies and verticals—including healthcare, education, and finance.

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Approved G-Cloud 13 supplier.

thoughtbot is proud to be an approved supplier on Lot 3 of the
G-cloud 13 framework from the UK’s Crown Commercial Services.

Our team is passionate about using our expertise to improve the quality of UK services for its citizens and is well prepared to support government agencies' digital transformation efforts.

19+ years of expertise

A proven approach and deep industry experience

Our human-centered product strategy has driven successful outcomes for more than 1,000 clients. Since 2003, we have developed effective practices and continuously improved our processes to help build effective software and improve teams. We share our process and learnings with others through our GitHub, blog, and podcasts.

thoughtbot has an extensive portfolio in the GovTech, HealthTech, and EdTech space and have built new products and optimized legacy ecosystems. We are qualified with strategies for success in those verticals and well-versed in compliance such as Data Protection Act requirements.

cloud hosting & software services

Technical Expertise for all your software needs

The best products are backed by quality research, validation, and technical due diligence. We have a team of experts to help you each step of the way uncover optimal experiences for your customers or remedy cumbersome workflows. We are comfortable leading brand-new product initiatives or optimizing existing software.

Find thoughtbot services on the CCS Public Procurement Gateway:

  • thoughtbot Cloud application Support & Maintenance
  • thoughtbot Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) monthly support
  • thoughtbot Solution Architect and Technical Architecture Services
  • thoughtbot Ruby on Rails / Python / React / Angular / Java / Scala Development
  • thoughtbot Python / Ruby / Ruby on Rails Cloud DevOps
  • thoughtbot Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Discovery & Implementation

Feel confident managing your critical applications

Expertise in DevOps, SRE & Security

Server Migrations & Monitoring

Server usage can grow over time, leaving teams surprised by increased costs. thoughtbot proactively protects against spending creep by continually monitoring performance over time. We can help you navigate and execute a successful migration and have migrated high-compliance systems to AWS in as little as 3 months using our open-sourced AWS platform guide.

Scalable and Stable

For the public sector, software products are commonly critical applications, that must be scalable and stable. thoughtbot confidently builds continuous integration and delivery pipelines and robust cloud platforms to ensure software can meet demands and uptime thresholds.

Data Security & Privacy

thoughtbot has achieved Data Protection Act compliance and is equipped with best practices, like upfront EHR planning, and handling other special considerations like FINRA, SOC 2 and PCI.  Data privacy safeguards are built into our workflows and we help you identify and remedy vulnerabilities, ensuring your business and customer data remains safe.

who we are

Our values, open-source work, & an effort to give back

thoughtbot has been a passionate and active participant in the Ruby on Rails community and has created many open-source libraries, spoken at multiple conferences, and even written a book

We value a diverse team because it brings essential perspectives that improve our work and workplace. thoughtbot's CEO signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ to codify our commitment to cultivate a trusting environment where employees feel comfortable and empowered to discuss diversity and inclusion. 

The thoughtbot team volunteers regularly and has invested time, energy, and resources into organizations such as Resilient Coders, The LEAH Project, Rebuilding Together, Boston Rescue Mission, Technology Underwriting Greater Good, The Waffles Foundation, Jane’s Due Process, The Trevor Project and FareShare.

Relevant Experience

A few of our clients' stories

Branching Minds — Scaling with Kubernetes to successfully deliver services to 2x the volume of school districts.

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Healthify — Developing a stable, HIPAA-compliant web application wile expanding the platform.

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Corverix — Rethinking reactive healthcare into a proactive, secure, and robust virtual health solution.

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Multi-State Partnership for Prevention — Scaling and maintaining a vaccine management app to meet unprecedented pandemic activity.

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