Supercharge your product with a Code Audit

Scaling an application or taking over a new codebase doesn’t have to feel unmanageable. Let’s chat about how we can help you understand the current state of your code quality, opportunities for optimization, guidance toward strengthening your foundation, process, and people, and learning how best to upgrade your current system.

Let's talk about your codebase

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thoughtbot brought an efficient and organized approach to analysis and development practices. Their methodology can help any company achieve its objectives.

Neil Bhay
VP of Technology, Tunecore

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What we review

We'll look at the whole system, not just the codebase


  • Quality at the source level
  • Test coverage
  • Code organization
  • Code churn
  • Complexity
  • Use of best practices
  • Vulnerabilities and external dependencies


  • Observation
  • Story quality
  • Velocity
  • Documentation
  • Test driven development


  • Pair programming
  • PR reviews
  • Organizational interviews
  • Training and upskilling

Service 1:

Health Check

For new acquisitions, code validation, or simply wanting to get a code health check. 

This one week engagement helps organizations understand the status of their code quality, identify areas of greatest concern, and provides a roadmap to help guide critical next steps.  

Timeline and Deliverables

  1. 30 - 60 Minute Introductory Call (Day 1)
  2. Review code and application, asking questions as necessary. (Days 1-3)
  3. Complete our analysis and write the report (Days 3-4)
  4. 30 - 60 minute call to present the report (Day 4)

Cost: $8,000

Quote from thoughtbot developer

Automated tools can identify areas of complexity. But only an expert can figure out the source of that complexity, and how to fix it.

George Brocklehurst
Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Service 2:

Deep Dive (code, process, and people)

Sometimes the source of code complexity starts in the product itself. Unnecessary features and complex interfaces lead to code that is equally complex and hard to maintain.

For organizations wanting a fuller picture of how to move their product forward, this three to four week engagement helps organizations rapidly increase their code quality, process, and team efficiency.

This style of code review prepares a team for long term, high-speed growth, and scalability.

Timeline and Deliverables

While a Deep Dive Code Audit is flexible, and we will work together to establish goals, set expectations, and general approach, a typical timeline might look like this:

  1. Kick-off meeting (Day 1)
  2. App overview/walk-through (Day 1)
  3. Health Check format code-audit (Days 1-3)
  4. Meeting with project managers and stakeholders (Week 1)
  5. Pairing sessions with your team (Weeks 2-4)
  6. Writing our report (Week 4)
  7. Preparing for and giving a presentation (Week 4)

Cost: $27,000 - $64,000

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We had a great nucleus of talent that was missing out on senior mentorship around tools and best practices. Working with thoughtbot not only activated the potential within the team, it accelerated it.

Josh Bielick
CTO, Adwerx

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