Brand - Typography


We use one typeface, Calibre a neo-grotesque/geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Kris Sowersby, across our branding.


We primarily rely on four main type styles for communication.

Primary headings

Used for page and section headings. They are set in Semibold at large sizes, 1.7–2.5x the Text size, with a slight negative letter spacing.

Eyebrow headings

Used to lead into sections of lists of content. They are set to 0.75x of the Text size in all caps and with a slight letter spacing.

Column headings

Used to anchor and separate columns of content. They are set at Medium and the same font size as Text.


Used for all paragraph level content. They are set at Regular weight between 18px–26px on screen. Italic styles of Regular are used for emphasis and in special contexts.

Typeface weights and variations

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