Brand - Icons and Graphics


We use one icon family across our branding: Streamline 3.0. The majority of icons should use the bold weight. The regular weight can be used sparingly.

Some icons from Streamline

The full icon library can be found in our Shared Google Drive at Design/Resources/Icons/Streamline 3.0.

Hand Drawn Elements - Squiggles

We use a variety of hand drawn elements to add visual interest. These are meant to draw attention to content on the page and add to the voice of the visual design. They are meant to support the content and never become content. Typically they are paired with images or larger headings.

Examples of squiggles we've used:

Examples of Squiggles

How squiggles are used in a collage:

Squiggles in collage

You can download the .zip of the full library of Squiggles.

The source files for the Squiggles the found in the thoughtbot Design System Figma document on the Squiggles page.

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