How to optimize your product team during and post COVID-19

How can we keep product teams connected, productive, and motivated?

COVID-19 is putting a big dent in growth projections for software companies. With more pressure on product leadership to support the growth and retention of customers, product teams can feel unorganized or misaligned due to changing priorities, which can have long term impacts on the product and people. 

With these issues and the shift to 100% remote culture, how can product leadership encourage their teams to stay productive, connected, and motivated? 

Join thoughtbot to learn the tools and tricks for optimizing your product team during and after COVID-19. We’ll have speakers from product teams at InHerSignt, AllStacks, Growpath, and RedHat giving their insights on monitoring performance and alignment as we all lean into our new normal.

During this panel, you will learn:

  • What’s working for teams onboarding and supporting new 100% remote employees
  • Successful tools for technical leadership focused on keeping teams motivated
  • Communication methods to help keep your team aligned and connected
Panel Speakers
  • Ursula Mead, Founder and CEO, InHerSight

    Ursula Mead is the CEO and co-founder of InHerSight, an anonymous company ratings platform tailored specifically for women. At women get an inside look at how companies promote gender equality before they take the job. Prior to founding InHerSight, Ursula was the VP of Product and Membership at The Motley Fool.

  • Hersh Tapadia, Co-founder and CEO, Allstacks

    Hersh Tapadia is the co-founder and CEO of Allstacks, the first predictive forecasting platform for software development. He has spent his career leading product and software engineering teams in a variety of disciplines including SaaS, Pharma, Medical Device, and Supply Chain.

  • Jeanette O'Brien, Software Engineer, Red Hat

    After graduating from Momentum Learning, Jeanette worked at Transloc as a Software developer for over a year. She has recently accepted a position, onboarded, and excelled at RedHat as a Frontend Engineer all while being fully remote.

  • Patti Krizowsky, Engineering Manager, GrowPath

    Patti has over 30 years of technical and engineering experience. Over her career, she’s excelled while working in software cybersecurity, development, quality assurance, support, and testing. Patti has simulated cyberattacks against software to check for gaps in security, and developed 3D simulations to train military members in a virtual space.