Navigating & Maximising Fundraising in the UK

Navigating & Maximising Fundraising in the UK

Hear from industry experts

In supporting startups in different stages, we’ve seen the challenges groups face, and the confusion around what options they have. Recently, fundraising has become even more complex due to the slowing growth in global public markets and investors taking a cautious approach based on economic uncertainty. We have assembled a group of experts to share learnings that can help your startup navigate fundraising successfully and once secured, maximise your runway.

In this live, online event we’ll be discussing:

  • How to prepare for those big presentations and stand out to investors
  • Successfully researching fundraising options, and starting conversations that lead to meetings
  • The criteria investors are using to grade risk and runway
  • With funding secured, where to start in moving your business, product, and team forward strategically

Collaborative Format: The session will include a panel discussion and small group Q&A with the panelists.

This event is great for:

  • A startup founder or product leader looking to fundraise, understand the current landscape, and/or maximise funds raised
  • Kelly Gebo, Associate Director, thoughtbot (Facilitator)

    Kelly leads Business Development efforts and Corporate Sales. She loves building relationships and learning about a client's goals and challenges to best support their project.

  • Aarish Shah, Founder of EmergeONE

    Aarish is the founder of EmergeONE who is on a mission to provide CFO support to early stage ventures. He has helped teams grow 3x year over year, and is proud to have worked with some of the UK's best startups in their scaling journey.

  • Chloe Sweden, PLANTS + PERKS Founder

    Chloe is the Founder and CEO of start-up PLANTS + PERKS ( which allows organizations to reward employees with sustainable perks. They are on a mission to empower 1 million employees to live healthy, more sustainable lives.

  • Kyle Grant, OXWASH Founder & CEO

    Kyle is an entrepreneur, innovator, and ex-NASA scientist who has a focus on sustainability, engineering, and data-driven modeling. He founded OXWASH which focuses on decarbonising the unsustainable and toxic laundry and washing industries. They have brought to market a brand new model for a hyper local, carbon-neutral, and tech-enabled washing service.

  • Rosie Phillips, Octopus Ventures Investor, Consumer Team

    Rosie is an investor on the Octopus Ventures Consumer team, investing from Seed to Series B. She’s on the lookout for world-changing tech companies in the consumer space and is particularly interested in shifting behavioral trends and consumer psychology. Since 2008 Octopus ventures have backed over 160 teams and are one of the largest and most active venture investors in Europe.