Helping A Founder Build A Community With An Astrology Dating App

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Pinpoint product strategy and begin larger promotion

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Creation of a prototype and an engaging website to drive interest and awareness

Who is Oromoon?

Oromoon is the first astrologically-informed dating app of its kind rooted in the art of awareness.

The Founder and CEO of Oromoon came to us with an idea for an astrology based dating app. A storyteller herself, Stephanie Whaley was passionate about mental health and supporting a positive community. After having an idea for the platform for over a decade, once she started seeing a substantial growth in the popularity of astrology, she began looking for a partner to bring her vision to life.

Oromoon Design Direction

Oromoon Quote

Unlocking creativity requires a space that fosters imagination and open-mindedness, which is exactly what thoughtbot provided. Reliability and the willingness to learn are two of the most crucial ingredients for great partnerships, both of which are thoughtbot’s strengths and what set them apart from the rest.

Stephanie Whaley
CEO and Founder

The Challenge

In connecting with potential partners, it was important to find a group that was reputable but would also push her to challenge her assumptions.

In particular, a group well equipped to lead a thoughtful analysis informing overall strategy. thoughtbot was selected as the design and development partner who would validate the business idea and support the early stages of business evolution and growth.

In this early stage, it was important to ensure the opportunity in the market was scalable and that we had the right feature set to maximize user retention. In particular for a community driven product, ensuring users remain on the platform and refer others helps to drive organic, sustainable growth.

Screenshots of the Oromoon Interface

The Solution

We started our relationship with a design sprint working together through product strategy exercises to inform our clickable prototype.

This prototype was tested with target users and in turn uncovered a lot of valuable feedback. At the offset of the engagement, Stephanie felt confident that we had a plan for creating the right product that users would love using, aligned with her mission to foster a sense of safety for her audience. 

After our first project, we also worked together to create a landing page that could begin directing traffic towards that platform as a way to hype her upcoming app. This landing page was also helpful in her ongoing conversations serving as her new “business” card. Oromoon was adamant about having beautiful visuals be the main driving force behind the site. She liked the art direction from the design sprint prototype, so we decided to push the visuals further on our landing page.

Oromoon Landing Page

The Outcome

The design sprint and corresponding research informed the right strategy for both the Oromoon product and business.

The landing page began immediately creating excitement and hype, generating interest and driving users to the platform. After working with thoughtbot, Oromoon has been experiencing positive organic growth and seeing their overall user base grow successfully.

Quote about working on the Oromoon project

The best part about my experience with thoughtbot was the collaboration. Not only did thoughtbot’s product strategists help me uncover the best design and technical approach, but their recommendation and business acumen also equipped me with the proper tools to take my company to the next level.

Stephanie Whaley
CEO & Founder

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