Zsh completion for your tests and specs

Got zsh? Loving your TATFT but tired of typing out all those spec commands?

spec -cfs spec/controllers/application_controller_spec.rb

or test commands?

ruby -Itest test/functionals/admin/users_controller_test.rb

Well, put away that keyboard oil, because you’ll be saving keystrokes left and right!

[~/dev/railsapp] $ spc a<Tab>
admin/base_controller    application_controller  arrr_pirates_controller

[~/dev/railsapp] $ spc app<Tab>
admin/base_controller    application_controller  arrr_pirates_controller

[~/dev/railsapp] $ spc application_controller<Enter>
admin/base_controller    application_controller  arrr_pirates_controller

spec -cfs spec/controllers/application_controller_spec.rb # ta-da!

You can also complete multiple tests or specs in one line. Download the scripts and find out more in the zsh-rails-test-spec-shortcuts repository.


“I’m so tired of typing ruby -Itest test/… I’m so glad I installed the zsh completion scripts. I’ll spend all my saved energy on eating campsites and writing solid code!”

As a bonus, here’s a reminder of an oldie but a goodie, rake task completion for zsh: http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2006/3/9/fast-rake-task-completion-for-zsh

And a recent one from the rubygems-developers list, for gem command completion for zsh: http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/rubygems-developers/2009-August/004860.html

What about you

What’s your favorite time saving alias, script, or shell completion? Let us know in the comments!