Widgetfinger Is Go

Chad Pytel

A long time ago, I posted here, about our upcoming product, Widgetfinger. To refresh your memory, Widgetfinger is Simple Content Management for Simple Websites. Its a content management and hosting service specifically built for design firms that includes normal hosting as well as email, and statistics and a few other things that we think are pretty helpful. If you’re a small design firm that builds what we call Brochure websites (Home, About, Services, Contact, and not much else) then widgetfinger is built for you - and you can signup and start using it for free today.

At the time, it seemed like the release of Widgetfinger was imminent - we had successfully started hosting quite a few websites in it, we successfully moved our own website and email hosting to Widgetfinger, and everything was going well. Well, this has certainly been a lesson for us that client work can easily derail the best intentions of our own product development.

All that said, we’ve been incrementally improving things since that time, expanding its use to more websites, and the time has come to really get this show on the road.

So, I’m happy to officially launch Widgetfinger - the website for Widgetfinger is online, and you can signup and start using it today!

I’ll keep this post short, and plan on posting some more info on Widgetfinger in the near future. Suffice to say, we look forward to hearing your feedback as you start to use it - we will continue to improve it based on your feedback. And if you’re just a normal rails developer and are thinking Widgetfinger doesn’t apply to you - you’re probably right - but we’ll definitely be posting here about some of the tech used in it, or the things we’ve learned along the way.