We Want To Teach You Haskell

Joe Ferris

Come Play With Us

We’ve been learning and teaching each other Haskell for a while now. We’ve read books together, we have a very active #haskell Slack room, and we have a biweekly meeting to pair on Haskell projects. Even the commenting system for this blog is powered by a Haskell service.

As part of our learning experience, we created exercises for each other using the Upcase exercise and review system. After months of internal use, I’m happy to announce that these exercises are now available to Upcase subscribers in a brand new Haskell Fundamentals Trail.

Haskell Fundamentals

Each trail on Upcase is a series of exercises designed to take you through a topic, step-by-step. Other Upcase users provide feedback on your work, and you’ll learn by teaching as you review other submissions.

This trail is designed to be a companion to the excellent book Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! You can read it online for free or buy it in print or ebook format.

Haskell is a richly-typed, purely-functional programming language. Learning Haskell will introduce you to a totally different world of programming, giving you another powerful tool in your programming belt, as well as providing new perspectives on concepts you already know from other languages.

We hope you’ll use some of your downtime during this Thanksgiving break to learn Haskell with us.