Updated Test-Driven Rails Videos

Josh Clayton

I’m happy to announce that we’ve updated the content for our popular Test-Driven Rails course on Upcase. What’s changed?

Updated Gems, including Rails 4 and RSpec 3

We’ve updated the course to take advantage of newer versions of Ruby, Rails, RSpec, and Capybara, allowing viewers to better follow along as we test-drive an application.

Shorter, More Focused Videos

We’ve broken them up further into fifteen-minute videos so they’re easier to digest. Additionally, we’ve introduced more prominent intermissions, providing viewers the opportunity to pause the videos and write code on their own.

Upcase Exercises

We’ve also factored in other feedback from users, like locking to specific versions in the Gemfile. With this baseline series, we’ve added new additional exercises like scoping selectors with Capybara or consolidating page interaction within a page object.

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