Upcoming events



Two of the thoughtbot founders, Chad Pytel and Matt Jankowski, will be at the SEED ‘08 conference in Chicago this Friday, January 18th. SEED is a One-Day Conference on Design, Entrepreneurship & Inspiration, with Jason Fried (37signals), Carlos Segura (Segura, Inc) and Jim Coudal (Coudal Partners) as speakers.



Chad, Matt, Dan, Jared, Joe, and I will also be sunning ourselves down in Florida for the acts_as_conference Feb 8th and 9th. Having just got another 6 of snow in Boston, we’re totally psyched about this one.


MountainWest Ruby Conference

Finally, I was very honored to be accepted to talk at the next MountainWest conference on March 28th and 29th in Salt Lake City. I’m presenting on BDD techniques with Shoulda, and will likely liven things up by exploring the internals of the library.

Be sure and say hi if you’re also going to be at any of these events. We’ll be the ones wearing the Zed’s dead t-shirts.