Conference videos

Couldn’t make it to Colorado or Scotland?

There is full video available for a bunch of presentations from last week’s Mountain West ruby conf, including video of thoughtbot’s own Tammer Saleh, delivering his BDD with Shoulda talk (and sporting a handsome thoughtbot T).


Tammer delivered a similar presentation this weekend at Scotland on rails in Edinburgh.

Next scheduled stop is GoRuCo in NYC - Tammer, Joe and Chad will be in attendance.

After that, there will be a strong-but-unofficial thoughtbot presence at ROFLCon at the end of this month in Cambridge, MA. If you’ll be at ROFLCon and want to meet up before or after the discussion of ridiculous internet hijinx, we’ll be around!

And getting back on track is railsconf in beautiful Portland Oregon, where Chad Pytel will present his Advanced Active Record Techniques: Best Practice Refactoring talk at 1:50 on Sunday. Hey look, the full schedule.