thoughtbot Ruby Open Source is Ready for Rails 5

Tute Costa

Ruby on Rails 5.0 was just announced! Rails continues to be secure, productive, extensible, stable, and makes us happy thanks to the consistent work of the core team and hundreds of contributors. To all of you who helped triage an issue with Rails or its ecosystem, contributed any new issue, improved documentation, or submitted code: thank you! Writing Ruby is fun and productive thanks to your work.

At thoughtbot we were preparing for the big day, so our open source libraries have been ready for a while. Here’s our state of affairs:

Clearance, our authentication library, supports Rails 5 from version 1.13

You know that Paperclip, our file attachment management for ActiveRecord, supports Rails 5 because its version is 5. So consistent! We follow semantic versioning, so the fact that versions seem now in sync is pure coincidence.

We started working in Paperclip support for Rails 5 in Pull Request 1976. We also released v4.3.7 of Paperclip today, the last v4.3 official release, which includes deprecation warnings that guide the upgrade to v5. Paperclip 4.3 supports Rails 4.2 and older, and we won’t actively maintain it any longer. Paperclip 5 supports current versions of Rails (4.2 and 5).

Suspenders, our Rails template, generates Rails 5 applications as of version 1.41, released today. That changeset removes a gem and logic that is not necessary anymore, because 5.0 is the easiest to deploy to Heroku.

The library for setting up Ruby objects as test data, FactoryBot, is ready for Rails 5 at least since v4.4.

High Voltage as of version 3.0 can be used with Rails 5.0.

Scenic, our library for adding versioned database views to Rails applications, has been ready for Rails 5 since, like, forever.

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed issues, documentation, code or other to our open source libraries. See you on GitHub and RubyGems!