Paperclip is ready for Rails 5

Paperclip v5.0.0.beta1 is out. It supports Rails 4.2 and 5 (latest beta), AWS SDK V2, consumes less memory, and has other improvements and bug fixes.

It’s also smaller. While v4.3 branch takes around 2 hours to run on CI, master takes around half an hour. To make it so, we simplified its dependencies: v5 drops support to end-of-life’d Ruby 2, Rails 3.2 and 4.1, and to older (though not EOL’d) AWS SDK V1. It also removes JRuby and Rubinius from the testing matrix, as they were silently failing. If you use those versions and can’t upgrade, you can continue to use releases 4.3 or prior. We’ll continue to apply security and critical fixes to Paperclip v4.3 release while new features will land in master (v5).

We extracted paperclip-i18n, a repository exclusively for Paperclip translations. We were making translation contributions wait alongside dozens of other pull requests awaiting for approval that take time to review and merge. paperclip-i18n is self-contained, small, and has a small test suite that checks for consistency across the different translation files in no time. You can add paperclip-i18n as a dependency for your application or copy over the related file into your repo.

After more than eight years since we ported the code from SVN into Git, Paperclip continues to receive improvements from the community in the form of questions, suggestions, documentation and code. This gem continues to make it easy to plug in attachment behavior into Rails models, in great part thanks to your contributions. Thank you, everyone!

If you are on Rails 4.2 or 5, upgrade to latest Paperclip version, and let us know if you find any issue.