thoughtbot Incubator announces selection for the first session of 2024

Dawn Delatte

We’re back, and thrilled to introduce the founders joining the thoughtbot Incubator for our first session of 2024!

Meet Dionna and Danyelle, founders of Womanish

The founders of Womanish join Session 1 of 2024 of thought Startup Incubator

Dionna Gray and Danyelle Gray are two visionary sisters who have dedicated themselves to empowering women and curating vibrant, inclusive spaces for connection and celebration. After years of uplifting women through podcasts, workshops, and events, they were determined to expand their impact. These sisters embarked on a mission to build a thriving community of women, starting in Chicago and Miami, with sights set on a national scale.

The Womanish experience challenges single-definition stereotypes and embraces the rich tapestry of women’s experiences. Through immersive, interactive art and a supportive community ethos, Womanish transcends boundaries, inviting women from all walks of life to connect with each other in a celebration of diverse perspectives and shared humanity..

Queue thoughtbot

The thoughtbot incubator specializes in pre-product founders who have solid research and hypotheses under their belt, but need guidance honing in on a specific audience and an initial technology-focused value proposition.

We’ll be working with the Womanish founders over the next 8 weeks to talk with their existing customers, uncover new product opportunities, and create a plan for expanding their vision for Womanish.

You won’t want to miss this

We will be sharing updates from Womanish and the thoughtbot incubator team every week, alternating between blog posts here and livestream discussions about the project progress, challenges, and more. We’ll take you behind the scenes and show you the entire process so you can learn as well.

We hope you’ll follow along!