thoughtbot in London

Chad Pytel

I am pleased to announce that we will be coming to London, starting in July. If you or someone you know are looking to start something new, or to improve your existing product, please let us know!

While many people know us for our community and open source contributions, our core business is working with founders and more established companies to design, build, and grow their products.

We’re available to help on anything from new web or mobile product design and development, to scaling, refactoring, or maintaining your existing design or code, to consulting on design and development best practices and code reviews.

In addition to potential clients, we’re actively seeking experienced designers and developers, ideally with a background in consulting, to join our founding team in London.

I’ll personally be spending all of July and August in London, getting our operations started there. I’m looking forward to exploring the city, participating in the community, and grabbing a pint (or cup of tea). Feel free to get in touch!