thoughtbot at RubyConf 2023

It’s countdown to RubyConf 2023 in San Diego and we can’t wait to see you there! From November 13th to 15th you can find our team giving talks, hanging out on the exhibit floor at the thoughtbot booth (as a proud RubyConf sponsor), and participating in some of the new Community Day and Open Spaces activities.

thoughtbot at rubyconf logo

Hot on the heels of their popular RailsConf presentations, Joël and Aji are back on the mic with new talks, both with clever titles as usual. You can catch both talks on Tuesday, November 14th.

Join us Tuesday at 10:30am as thoughtbot Principal Developer (and co-host of the Bike Shed) Joël Quenneville presents Which Time Is It? in which Joel entices us to “Reset your clocks and join me on a graphical tour of time itself.“

You’ll have just enough time to return from Joël’s space-time warp and have some lunch before heading to to see thoughtbot Development Team Lead, Aji Slater, give his talk The Unbreakable Code Whose Breaking Won WWII at 3:30pm. Have you ever wished you could bring the enigma machine back to life with an emulator built in Ruby? Don’t miss your chance!

Highlighting two thoughtbot talks at RubyConf 2023 from Joel and Aji

Community Day and Open Spaces

We’re also looking forward to participating in some of the new formats this year. Monday November 13th is Community Day, a structured hacking day with Ruby open source maintainers as well as workshops. thoughtbot Senior Developer Stefanni Brasil will be there, alongside other faker-ruby maintainers, leading a hack day project.

You can also catch Stefanni at Open Spaces, another new RubyConf programming addition on Tuesday and Wednesday. Open Spaces features panels where leaders from various Ruby niches are brought together to connect and engage with the whole community. Stefanni will be participating in the “Ruby Content Creators” panel.

Let’s be RubyConf friends

Our favorite part of these events is getting to meet new folks in the community and reconnect with old friends. We hope you’ll come say hi, whether after one of our talks, at our booth, during Community Day, or somewhere in between.