Meet thoughtbot at RailsConf 2024

Lindsey Christensen

The countdown to RailsConf 2024 is on and the thoughtbot team is looking forward to connecting with you in real life. That’s right, thoughtbotters are quantum leaping from the blog posts, podcasts, and open source you love and touching down in Detroit to talk all things Rails. Here’s where you can find us this year.

thoughtbot talks at RailsConf 2024

Your cheat sheet to catching all of our talks this year:

So writing tests feels painful. What now? Presented by Stephanie Minn, Developer and co-host of The Bike Shed. With examples in RSpec, this talk will take you step-by-step from a troublesome test to an informed refactor.

  • When: Tuesday May 7 at 11am
  • Where: 140 E-F

Dungeons & Dragons & Rails presented by Joël Quenneville, Principal Developer and co-host of The Bike Shed. Ready to build a character sheet in Rails? You’ve found an unlikely weapon called Turbo to try out!

  • When: Thursday May 9 at 11am
  • Where: 140 E-F

Glimpses of Humanity: My Game-Building AI Pair presented by Louis Antonopoulos, Development Team Lead. Learn how to pair with an artificial intelligence as if they were a human partner, and push the boundaries of possibility

  • When: Thursday May 9 at 1:30pm
  • Where: 140 B-D

From RSpec to Jest: JavaScript testing for Rails devs presented by Stefanni Brasil, Senior Developer. How to set up test data, mock HTTP requests, assert elements in the DOM, and more helpful bites to cover your JavaScript code confidently.

  • When: Thursday May 9 at 1:30pm
  • Where: 140 E-F

Pair with thoughtbot developers on Hack Day

Want to get involved in open source, but aren’t sure how? On Wednesday May 8, you can pair with expert Ruby on Rails developers from thoughtbot to make your first OSS contribution. Bring an idea for that project you’ve wanted to support, or partner with some easy first issues on one of our projects, like FactoryBot, Clearance, Administrate and more.

Proud sponsor of Women and Non-binary Ruby dinner

Are you attending the WNB Ruby dinner this year? We are proud to be co-sponsoring this event with our friends at Render and hope to meet you there.

WNB.rb is a virtual community for women and non-binary Rubyists. They host meetups, interview prep groups, bookclubs, CFP working groups and much more.

Thank you organizers

This year our own Aji Slater is on the RailsConf program committee. Aji is a Development Team Lead at thoughtbot and while you can usually find them on stage at Ruby on Rails events, this year they took on the exciting new challenge of organizing (they even muted our #conference slack channel, they are so dedicated to their impartiality!).

thoughtbot Senior Developer Mina Slater has also been a member of the RubyCentral scholarship committee for several years and helps select guides and scholars for RubyConf and Railsconf.

As always, big thanks to everyone who helps organize this event and helps the Rails community connect and learn in person.

thoughtbot and RailsConf logos on a banner