thoughtbot approved as UK Crown Commercial Gcloud 13 supplier

We have been approved as a Cloud Support (Lot 3) supplier on the Gcloud 13 framework from the UK’s Crown Commercial Services. Public sector bodies in the UK can quickly and easily access cloud-based software and solution providers in the Digital Marketplace starting 9th November.

As an approved supplier on the framework thoughtbot offers the following services:

  • thoughtbot Cloud application Support & Maintenance
  • thoughtbot Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) monthly support
  • thoughtbot Solution Architect and Technical Architecture Services
  • thoughtbot Ruby on Rails / Python / React / Angular / Java / Scala Development
  • thoughtbot Python / Ruby / Ruby on Rails Cloud DevOps
  • thoughtbot Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Discovery & Implementation

Photo collage of the thoughtbot playbook, Crown commercial Service supplier badge, and a person coding on a laptop

thoughtbot expertise

We have operated in the UK since 2006, proudly serving a wide variety of public and private sector clients in software development, maintenance and cloud hosting support. We are excited to take the lessons from all of our work to improve the quality of UK government services to its citizens. If you are interested in working with thoughtbot you can contact us on our website.

Our human-centred product strategy has driven successful outcomes for more than 1,000 organisations, and millions of their users around the world. We cover every aspect of product development from design to implementation. We conduct user research, rapidly prototype, test often, build and ship working software, measure its use, and continuously iterate on products to enhance end user experience. We work with stakeholders to build cloud-based platforms that can scale efficiently for their size and complexity.

Tech stack

If you have any Ruby on Rails developers on your team, they’ve probably heard of us! We are known for being a passionate and active participant in the Ruby on Rails community since 2003. We’ve created many open source libraries, spoken at multiple Ruby conferences, and even wrote a book on how to create great Rails apps.

Across a number of different sectors, we’ve also helped almost 50 customers launch mobile applications written in React Native, into both the App Store and Google Play.

Front end technologies ELM, React, Stimulus, and back end technologies Python, Django are also part of our capabilities.

DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

For public sector products, it is important to build systems to appropriately scale for the size and complexity of mission critical applications. Our teams focus on how code gets from the developers hands and translates into the end user’s experience. This ensures a successful architecture from the beginning of the product lifecycle, through launch to exponential growth. We build continuous integration and delivery pipelines, cloud platforms, and provide ongoing post-launch support of new products. We’ve migrated large, high-compliance systems to AWS in as little as three months using our open-source AWS platform guide.

Spotlight on: Healthcare industry outcomes

Our outcomes for healthcare industry specific products include:

  • Achieving product compliance for regulator approval, e.g. HIPAA in the US
  • Integrating user privacy reassurance into the user interface
  • Improving integration and data accuracy with Apple HealthKit
  • Designing a health product to serve a variety of communities, in their native languages, at scale

How we do it

  • Privacy & compliance—Through researching and building multiple net new healthcare products, we come to your project equipped with hands-on experience of best practices.
  • lectronic Health Records (EHR) Integration—thoughtbot understands the importance of planning for this requirement up front for successful completed EHR integration.
  • Agile process—We build data privacy safeguards continuously into our workflows to maintain compliance and security while continuing to ship working software quickly.
  • Usability testing in all audiences—We approach sensitive user interviews with empathy and best practice techniques.
  • We also share our process and learnings with others through our GitHub, blog, and podcasts.

Can’t wait to meet you

We’re looking forward to engaging with UK government departments and agencies on upcoming opportunities. Please reach out here to start a conversation.