This Week in Open Source (June 16, 2023)

Sara Jackson

This week in open source, now actually containing a week’s worth of updates! In the past week we saw updates to Art Vandelay, Administrate, Shoulda Matchers, and our dotfiles.

Art Vandelay

Art Vandelay is an importer/exporter for Rails 6.0 and higher.

Steve Polito (stevepolitodesign) bumped the minor version of Art Vandelay, now at 0.2.0 🎉 (2726af8).

The addition to this new minor version can be found here.


Administrate is a framework for creating flexible, powerful admin dashboards in Rails.

Brent Miller (brent-yearone) updated Field::Polymorphic to accept a call-able for the classes option (44d4387).

Biruk Haileye Tabor (bhtabor) added pundit policy_namespace to controllers and deprecated resolve_admin from pundit policies (b8bfeab).

Shoulda Matchers

Shoulda Matchers provides simple one-liner tests for common Rails functionality.

jarenas9539 updated ActiveModel validate_length_of matcher to support array attributes (3fee9ab).


thoughtbot dotfiles is a set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.

Rami Taibah (rtaibah) added clarity to the README section of UnPlug (7888b99).