This Week in Open Source


Lots of activity on trail-map this week. Thanks to Mike Munroe (mikepmunroe) for catching a broken link 1025a32. Adarsh Pandit (adarshpandit) added a Code Review trail e46792c and Gareth Rees (garethrees) added links for different style guides 4cf0643 47b6002. We had help from Dan Croak (croaky), who fixed some bad links d82a944 889aee8, a grammatical error 13e1335, copy-editing 6d2402c, and removed the .gitignore f2f147a.


shoulda-matchers got some refactoring from Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) 7f208e7 and Jason Draper (drapergeek) tightened up ensure_inclusion_of for array matching dc5daca.


cocaine got some help from Jon Yurek (jyurek) including removing official support for REE 6073cd0 and switching the order of pipe-reading and waiting 69d6b6c.


In paperclip, Jon Yurek (jyurek) removed some ternary operators in favor of ifs 65f4941, and added a test to prevent regression of the E2BIG problem 69bcf6e.


Phil Cohen (phlipper) added MiniTest syntax methods to the page for factory_bot1 in 06ff258.


neat got some help from Reda Lemeden (kaishin) including a fix for breakpoint values in the README 120ce1b and support for using both min- and max- in breakpoint() 9292467.


Our dotfiles are now more tmux compatible thanks to Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) who added tab-completion to ack using the tags file d16a4fe and Dan Croak (croaky) who enabled better pbcopy/pbpaste and RubyMotion compatibility by using reattach-to-user-namespace in 3ef63fe.


Dan Croak (croaky) tightened up our suspenders by replacing the style guide (most of the README file, really) with links to guides c912961, ignoring the .env file 58c22ff, and alphabetizing the .gitignore file 884eb08.


In high_voltage, Mike Burns (mike-burns) extracted an overridable PageFinder class 8494e51 and removed the ActionMailer usage 6eee9b0. Odin Dutton (twe4ked) and Mike Burns added a config option to disable default routes 7570889.


fake_braintree was bumped to version 0.2.1 by Dan Croak (croaky) 44f62b7.


In bourbon Mike Burns (mike-burns) added command parsing using Thor ac3b318.


Our laptop script got the same reattach-to-user-namespace help from Dan Croak (croaky) as he added to the dotfiles 50a1a1e.

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.