This Week in Open Source

Jon Yurek


Starting us off this week, Marcos Tapajos (tapajos), working in kumade, fixed issue #21 by using heroku’s –remote option. (9f2addd), cleaned up some of the mocking in the tests (bfa8d78), and did a bunch of refactoring to make the classes a fair bit cleaner. (dcbb11f, d198221, 0c7daec, 239b07b, 91989a1, e4c165d, e5720d4, 1e575fa, 535b1f6, d5ddc13, dd449f1, and c201509)

Jon Yurek (jyurek – that’s me!) made kumade a little more unix-y by making it completely silent if everything goes right. Once it goes wrong, you’ll see the whole output log. (c93ddd4)


Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) had a very strong showing in factory_bot’s commit logs, making a bunch of tweaks and changes here and there, cleaning up dependencies, gemfiles, attribution, and documentation. (0529a87, 1f0e2eb, 9bacd0c, 0529a87, and 63458ee)

He also worked with Stephan Eckardt to allow Factories to be modified after their initial declaration (14b8245).

Chris Griego (cgriego) wanted to be able to have a factories directory at the top level, not buried inside the test or spec directory. (fa5095c)

And Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) just wanted things a teensy bit tidier. (aadeb53)


In the cocaine network, Jon Yurek (jyurek – that’s me again!) got the project running in 1.9.3 on travis-ci (b8d3455), swapped out the Config constant with RbConfig to prevent a warning in 1.9.3 (06f8ed6), and finally he nixed the Gemfile.lock, because those are for deployable apps, not libraries! (ced7b20).

Meanwhile, the typos don’t survive under the watchful eyes of the community: Spencer Steffen (citrus) fixed a typo in the documentation (904a17f).


clearance, our authentication engine, saw some updates. Dan Croak (croaky) made sure the project was all set with Rails 3.1 and gem best practices. (90ca670)

Subhash Chandra did some partials extracting to allow for other login methods (0db11ce).


Everybody’s favorite paperclip saw a bunch of work, refactoring, and revisioning from our own Mike Burns (mike-burns), who not only released version 2.4.0 (bafaa28), but also did a bunch of work on processors, which we’ll see below. (630c634 and 6ced9eb)

Marcin Urbanski (murbanski) did a bunch of work to make the documentation more readable, which is always appreciated ( fc0349d, ce9d7ea, and 33b2ed4)

paperclip-watermarker and paperclip-thumbnailer

Mike Burns (mike-burns) will be posting a blog post about this soon enough, but in the meantime, let’s just say he’s making Paperclip processors a good deal easier. You can see it in action on paperclip-watermarker and paperclip-thumbnailer

Thumbnailer: 73e847…e548db

Watermarker: 22ec05…9ad3a5


We’ve been using Braintree to process credit cards recently, and, like any 3rd party service, it’s always nice to have something to test against so you’re not hitting the real thing. Ben Orenstein (r00k) extracted fake_braintree from a project so it can stretch its legs in the big, wide world. The changes this week were to make the activate more manual (97e7b4b) and to make the configuration not cause errors (54bf4ac).


Finally, capybara-webkit got some attention from Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw), who just loves cleaning documentation (578e5c7)!


Matt Jankowski (mjankowski) made a few changes to flutie, our set of default styles. He added and then automatically included some helpers (80a724d, 53d093b, and 0fe0127), fixed some typos (120592a and 81cb196), bumped the version (f3639dd), and he converted all the tests from test/unit to rspec (ae7d28b).

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.