This week in open source

Mike Burns


As a programmer I love the change that made it into version 1.3.6 (10f978d) of bourbon: Phil LaPier (plapier) added to work done by Frank (frankzilla) to add a monospaced font family, $monospace—with support for Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, my favorite monospace typeface (3467fe3 and c86e5687). Nice.


Friday saw a new release of paperclip (1cb40e3), in accordance with the prophecy. It contains Windows support, a bug fix, and two new features.

Prem Sichanugrist (sikachu) has been working on handling characters that are not URL-safe; to this end he added a :restricted_characters option to has_attached_file, with a default value of &$+,\/:;=?@<>\[\]\{\}\|\\\^~%#, which specifies characters to replace with an underscore, _ ([8353518]( “Add :restricted_characters default options

Introducing :restricted_characters in Paperclip::Attachment.defaultoptions so people can override their blacklist characters by override that setting.”) and 604304e). Benjamin Hüttinger (maxigs) added the ability to pass a block, evaluated at runtime, for `:foghost,:bucketname, and:fogcredential` options (e049ec5, 2b562a9, 8742615, and 1c88a72).

The gem itself had problems installing on Windows because a bundled test made sure that filenames with question marks were handled fine; turns out this simply breaks on Windows. Even though no actual programmers use Windows, we removed the offending file (ed5cd9f). Jon Yurek (jyurek) fixed a long-standing bug where the RSpec matchers (validate_attachment_content_type, validate_attachment_presence, and validate_attachment_size) didn’t handle the :if argument they were supposed to handle (5d4ba62).


A new release of capybara-webkit is in the works, and this is what you’ll see in it: Matthew Mongeau (halogenandtoast) added the ability to trigger mousedown and mouseup events (51c4dfe and 16c1637) while Joe Ferris (jferris) has commands block until the page finishes loading (18607d0).


Oh sweet, a new version of clearance is out (6c0c070)! In it you’ll find support for Rails 3.2 from Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw), mostly in following deprecation warnings (6e57d10). Some prodding from Matthew Daubert (MDaubs) prompted us to upgrade cucumber-rails to 1.1.1 (691e867 and 91f4675). Dan Hodge (danhodge) dropped a totally awesome change on us, abstracting out the User class into Clearance.configuration.user_model, which can be changed at runtime (085a9b6, a582eec, and fc6af70). Dude, that’s awesome.


Holy cow it’s version 0.2.0 of fake_braintree (0be2aea). In this Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw) gave us the ability to specify a constant amount for a transaction (783719c), and mimics the behavior around customers with failing credit cards (a2ceb58).


No big news in factory_bot this week. Carlos Antonio da Silva (carlosantoniodasilva) updated the docs to mention that .stub is now .build_stubbed (08018f6). Michael Klishin (michaelklishin) fixed the build on Travis CI for Rails 3.2 by updating rubygems first ([850116d]( “Update rubygems on before running dependency installation

REE will fail to install Rails 3.2 gems w/o rubygems update.”)). Joshua Clayton (joshuaclayton) found a spec that was not appropriately named, and fixed it (0d67a42).


While kumade did not see a deploy this week, it did see some feature improvements, some of which come with an API change.

The hook for running code just before deployment was originally run_predeploy_task but is now run_pre_deploy_task (764aebe). Chad Boyd (hoverlover) made this change so he could introduce the run_post_deploy_task, which is further exposed as kumade:post_deploy to Rake (da74087, f68a487, and 9679018).

Kumade now works with more stuff: Jammit 0.6.5 ([ec63310]( “Fixes public root bug with Jammit 0.6.5

The way Jammit defines the public root was changed in”)) thanks to Vesa Vänskä (vesan), and Ruby 1.9.3 (8e73b90) thanks to Gabe Berke-Williams (gabebw).

Gabe also fiddled with some source code (7e0e11e, bb695b9 and 92aa8f4).


A small documentation update occured in copycopter_client by Joe Ferris (jferris), reminding us that you can leave the name of the controller or model off of the translation key only when using t from a view (6416897).

Project name history can be found here.

  1. Looking for FactoryGirl? The library was renamed in 2017.