This week in #dev (Dec 23, 2022)

Edited by Mina Slater

Welcome to another edition of This Week in #dev, a series of posts where we bring some of the most interesting Slack conversations to the public. Today we are learning about the ARIA feed role and bundle install --redownload, and looking at the future of Ruby 3.2 & Wasm.

ARIA: feed role

Steve Polito learned that there is an ARIA: feed role.

From the Mozilla documentation:

A feed is a dynamic scrollable list of articles in which articles are added

to or removed from either end of the list as the user scrolls. A feed enables screen readers to use the browse mode reading cursor to both read and scroll through a stream of rich content that may continue scrolling infinitely by loading more content as the user reads.

Steve identified this role is appropriate to use when building an accessibility-minded infinite scroll feature.

bundle install --redownload

Neil Carvalho shared a useful flag for bundle install: --redownload.

Force download every gem, even if the required versions are already available


This is especially helpful when you updated some system dependency and a gem isn’t working anymore.

Ruby 3.2 & Wasm

Mike Burns is keeping an eye on this new development in the Ruby ecosystem. As stated in the Ruby 3.2 release notes:

In addition, we built a VFS on top of WASI

so that we can easily pack Ruby apps into a single .wasm file. This makes distribution of Ruby apps a bit easier.

Chris Kuttruff added that installing all associated gems packed into a binary would be a huge win that simplifies and speeds up a lot of deployment and general CICD workflows.


This edition was brought to you by: Mike Burns, Neil Carvalho, and Steve Polito. Thanks to all contributors! 🎉