Ten Days of Thunder Thimble


Since last weeks launch of Thunder Thimble we’ve received some great feedback from early users. Thanks to everyone who checked this out. We’ve deployed a few interesting changes since then, as well.

Bug fixes

There were times during a search update where one brand’s search having any issues (ie, it was an invalid search, or twitter was down, or twitter responded with an unexpected response, or there was a network timeout, etc) could have lead to subsequent searches not being updated. If you created an account in the first ~24 hours or so after launch and then didn’t see any results for a while, this is probably what was happening. We’ve added every error that’s occurred so far to the updating task, and we continue to add the new ones as they happen (thanks to Hoptoad for some nice logging). So, if this is you and you gave up right away, you might want to check back for new results today.

If you STILL aren’t seeing any results but think you should be, contact us via twitter @thunderthimble, or via the getsatisfaction help site.

UI changes


Early last week we deployed a UI change to the global dashboard and brand dashboard views within the application. This change brought the positive, negative and ignore UI elements closer to the user, and now requires less back and forth between a deep page and the dashboard to do these common actions. It’s also easier to see recent trends and latest activity at a quick glance with this change.

New feature - tweet from the application

the magic key

When we launched, you could send a twitter REPLY to a message we found for you with the monitoring service, but you could not initiate a tweet directly from Thunder Thimble itself. From our own internal use of the product, this was the one thing that we kept expecting to be able to do and finding we couldn’t (yes, we are surprised by the lack of features even in things we built!).

As of today, you can use the Post a new Twitter update link from the brand dashboard page to initiate a tweet as any account you have hooked up to TT (at the account, brand and user levels, that is). We default to the brand you’re on, but allow you to change that prior to sending. You can also use the backtick key — ` — as a keyboard shortcut to access this feature from anywhere in the application.

Fluid.app icon

For users of Fluid we have a 512×512 PNG file for you here which is guaranteed to look awesome in your OS X dock. This icon should be picked up automatically when you setup your fluid application for Thunder Thimble.

fluid icon