Stockholm's Meetups are Back in Session

Mike Burns

Here in thoughtbot Stockholm we have our hand in some of the local meetups. We’ve used the summer to revamp them and we are about to start the autumn off with a bang!

Stockholm Startup Meetup

With help from ShapeUp Club and Tictail, the Innovators series of events have proven to be a fun way to hobnob with the rest of the local startup community.

At this meetup we learn who is working on awesome stuff, followed by a chance to talk with them about it in detail. This has ranged from Web-based DJ tools to 3D modeling to big data analysis.

The next Innovators meetup is 27 August at the thoughtbot office (The Park) near Rådmansgatan.


We use Vim, as you know. A lot. The monthly Vim meetup is an invaluable way to learn what’s going on with the tool that you face all day. From discussions about the Vim Web site to plugin management to macros to Vim golf, it’s a fun place for both experts and novices alike.

Join the Meetup group to find out about the September Vim meetup.

Ruby hack night

Less talk, more rock!

Every month, fourth Monday of the month, from 18:30 to 21:00, at the thoughtbot office. Bring a laptop, bring an idea, bring a friend, bring a new developer, bring a Ruby expert, or just bring your enthusiasm, and we’ll see you there.