BarCamp Stockholm

Mike Burns

Come to BarCamp Stockholm on March 9, 2013!

Organized by thoughtbot and hosted by Spotify, BarCamp Stockholm will be the Nordic unconference of 2013.

Register at our fancy official Web site thing:

An unconference

People who love mobile, the Web, open source, UX, design, programming, startups, or nerdy atmospheres: this is for you. At this unconference you can lead a discussion with like-minded people, give a talk to fascinated listeners, or make your rounds along the hallway track.

The unconference is what you make of it. Want a talk about Android UIs? Sign up. An armchair linguist? Throw your name on the whiteboard. Want to hack sweet code in the hallway while soaking up the buzz of energy? You got it.

Plus, free food and drinks!

Got it

Got it. Register today and we’ll see you there!