Specially Designed thoughtbot Swag Available Now to Support Our Podcasts

Thom Obarski

2017 was a big year for podcasts at thoughtbot! This year Giant Robots returned to an interview format under the hosting of CEO Chad Pytel. The Bike Shed continued to grow and celebrated our fifth year recording at RailsConf. Tentative returned refreshed after a brief hiatus. Finally, we added Crossroads, a show highlighting pivotal moments in the careers of experienced developers. We love having the opportunity to share our experiences through such a personal medium, and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we like making them.

Now you can show your support for our podcasts with specially designed shirts, a thoughtbot pint glass, and limited edition socks. This sale lasts until the end of the year, so place your order now!


There’s always so much more we’d like to do with our podcasts. Your support will make those things possible, and we really appreciate it.

For the production and shipping we are proud to once again partner with Social Imprints, who provide career opportunities and a living wage to people who need a second chance.

These podcasts shirts (available in both unisex and women’s cuts) have never before been available outside of our conference attendances, and they may never be again! So help support your favorite podcasts, provide employment opportunities for at-risk populations, and get some nifty thoughtbot swag!

Head over to our Podcasts Page to place your order and show your support.