Save and Share Links from Learn for iOS

Diana Zmuda

We’ve released a new version of Learn to the App Store, which adds the ability to save and share links!

There’s support for Pocket, Instapaper, and Readability, so you can use whatever flavor of save-it-later you prefer. Users also have the option to share links on Twitter, Facebook, or Sina Weibo. Additionally, this release includes swipe-to-complete hints for first time users and bug fixes for trail updates.

If you would like to add resources to the Trail Map that the app uses, please contribute to the open source repository on GitHub.

I would also like to encourage any Objective-C hobbyists, professionals or in-betweens to participate in a distributed hackathon this Saturday. Ash Furrow and the wonderful people at Cue want to put Objective-C back on the map as one of GitHub’s top ten languages.

Learn is available for free on the App Store, so try it out today!