RailsConf 2023 Atlanta Recap

Victoria Guido

I was thrilled to get to attend RailsConf 2023 in Atlanta this year. It was my first RailsConf, and my first national in-person conference post-covid and close to my one year anniversary at thoughtbot.

thoughtbot at RailsConf 2023 ATL

We had two people speak, hosted an informal outdoor event, and sponsored as a supporting level sponsor.

Our Speakers

First up was Joël Quenneville, The Math Every Programmer Needs Slides Here. I made everyone take a selfie with me as we waited for Joël to begin.

thoughtbot team selfie

Joël’s talk made sense even if you don’t know anything about code or math which I really appreciated.

Joël presenting at Railsconf

Great way to celebrate 10 years of working at thoughtbot by speaking at RailConf to a packed house!

Aji Slater presented on Hotwiring My React Brain, with truly impressive graphics and comedic timing, who is also celebrating an annivesary at thoughtbot of 1 year.

If you love this kind of Rails content be sure to also check out The Tightly Coupled Book Club Podcast, where Mina and Aji read Rails Guides and discuss them in a book club format. I also made them take a selfie with me and in fact made them walk over to the window so we would get that natural light.

tightlycoupled podcasthosts selfie

thoughtbot socials

After spending a day indoors we held a casual hang in the Centennial Park. We got lucky with the weather AND for having recently hired Sally Ladrach, a local Atlanta resident, who brought us all snacks and lawn games. We had over 100 people sign up and over 80 attend.

outdoor gathering in a park

My favorite was hearing from people who have either learned, worked with or for thoughtbot and had real positive affect on the career and/or product trajectory. For me it’s also important to have events that are family friendly, and even though we were technically playing lawn beer pong I promise there was no alcohol involved.

lawn pong

Ok we’re only through the first day and there was a lot of other great content and events happening at RailsConf! Here are just a few highlights. There were SO many great talks, and I am planning on going back to watch a few more once they’re available.

Other Talks and Highlights

Final shoutouts

Special thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and other sponsors who made this event happen. With thoughtbot being fully remote it was super nice just to get to hang out in person with other people.

At the end of RailsConf this year Jonan and Ruby Central launched the Ruby Central Membership Program for \$25/month.

Also check out the Ruby on Rails podcast RailsConf 2023 !

thoughtbot team sitting on a giant inflatable duck