thoughtbot Open Source Maintainers Sync notes is public

At RailsConf this year, we realized how helpful it was to have a list of issues that people could hack on during Hack Day. A little while ago, we started having a monthly maintainers sync to talk about the biggest concerns across our projects and to collect issues which it would be helpful for others to pick up.

And that’s where the idea to share the notes with you was born. We hope to make Open Source more accessible and get more people contributing to projects.

Open Source Maintainers Sync

thoughtbot OSS maintainers and contributors get together regularly to discuss shared problems and ask for help with specific needs. Some goals of these meetings are:

  • seeing where folks need help
  • determining how to get them help around those areas
  • figuring out how to get more contributors
  • and also venting 🧡

Join us in contributing to Open Source

This is a public document where we share specific issues/opportunities we need help with:

thoughtbot Open Source - Help Needed

Don’t be shy! Take a look, help as you can, and keep an eye out for new opportunities that will be posted there.

We try to give as much context as possible. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments in the issues as needed.

We hope to meet you there.