We’re pleased to announce the redesign of!


People generally know us as a Ruby on Rails consultancy. While true, we are a well-balanced team of designers, web (Rails) developers, and mobile (iOS) developers.

Therefore, we redesigned the site with a focus on aesthetics to better provide future clients an accurate view of our capabilities by:

  • providing a profound visual experience
  • maintaining exceptionally smooth interactions
  • featuring our mobile work

As with the previous version, the primary purpose of our website is to offer an efficient way for prospective clients to hire us. We chose a single-page site to easily afford that action even if the user is reviewing other aspects of the company such as our people or offices.


Like any project, we have ideas for future improvements such as more in-depth case studies. However, we released once we were proud of the core workflow, quality of visual and interaction design, and had tested multiple browsers and devices.

Enjoy the new! I hope to hear from you in via the sales or hiring forms.