Leaving Business in the Office

Jon Yurek

I’ve always had a hard time separating work and home. The problem with being paid to think is that you don’t need your tools in front of you to keep working; you have your brain, you’re good to go. The problem comes in where you can’t stop thinking about a particular difficulty in your job.

I attended Mike’s 30th birthday party on Friday, but was completely unable to get a problem out of my head that had been there since the beginning of November or so (and before you ask, no I didn’t work it out Friday either). Unfortunately, the inability to stop thinking (which is one of my big personal faults), plus the fact that I didn’t know anyone else there, plus the fact that I’m a habitual pacer meant that for the first hour or so I was just walking around a room of people I don’t know, not talking to anyone. I must have looked like a complete loon!

And to think, this could have been avoided if Java would have allowed multiple inheritance. But that’s a post for another time.